Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2014

Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2014.  Compiled by Martin Limbert, Bryan P. Wainwright & Steve Hiner. Published 2016.

The Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2014 comprises 60 pages, and features colour photographs of a black Adder Vipera berus (1), Reeves’ Muntjac Muntiacus reevesii (1) and Common Crane Grus grus (11), plus one drawing.

Ever since 2012, an attempt has been made to catch up with recording backlogs and monitoring, and to publish a number of  key desktop reviews. The Report for 2014 continues that process, the contents including an annual summary and full lists of birds, mammals, herptiles and fish recorded during the year. There are additional records given for 2001-13, and a full list of observers and acknowledgements. The Report also contains the following:

  • A note on Grass Carp [Ctenopharyngodon  idella] (p.34)
  • Common Cranes 2009-14 (pp.35-52)
  • Black-headed Gull [Chroicocephalus ridibundus] ringing: second instalment of results (pp.52-54)
  • Information sources on European Nightjar [Caprimulgus europaeus] (pp.54-59). NB. Includes a chronological dataset of breeding totals 1972-2014
  • New or additional literature sources [for Thorne Moors vertebrates] (pp.59-60)

This latest Report is available as a download (see DOWNLOADS). A limited number of paper copies (A4 booklet style) are also available (use CONTACT).

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